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- Daisy -

Kowloon local women tailor shop in Hong Kong is near Tsim Sha Tsui. They have a large selection of designer ladies jackets, blouses, and suits. Also, their expertise suggests the best design. The best alteration tailor in Hong Kong.

- Anna -

Kowloon local ladies tailor shop in Hong Kong. Designer blouses and ladies suits for official meetings at an affordable price that are perfectly fitted. Please visit the best tailor in Hong Kong.

- Russell -

The best Kowloon local bespoke tailor shop in Hong Kong. They have a large range of fabrics available and bespoke accessories within a 48-hour timeframe. Most Recommended Top Tailor in Hong Kong

- Harris -

I was in Hong Kong for a week, and I definitively wanted to have a bespoke suit made by Roger and his team. I have known this tailor for the past 10 years. One of my friends recommended this tailor to me. He is the best and most reasonable tailor in Hong Kong, I must say. Top-notch tailoring, best-quality fabrics, and fastest delivery.

- Charlie -

From the customizations to alteration exceptional customer service, every aspect of my tailoring journey was top-notch. Roger and their expertise and attention to detail truly shine in the customizations of my suit. He took the time to understand my preferences, style, and fit requirements, resulting in a suit that feels like a perfect reflection of my personality. Highly recommended to this best custom tailor in Kowloon, Hong Kong.

- Leo Gray -

Hong Kong Manhattan tailor is the best place to get a new designer suits for wedding collection, party wear and professional office wear suits for men's and women's in Hong Kong. 
Excellent quality and customer services. Really worth to visit this top fastest local Kowloon Suits Tailor in Hong Kong.

- Jack -

Excellent craftsmanship. familer and understanding tailors.
Fastest Bespoke Ladies and Men's Tailor Local Shop in Kowloon Hong Kong, they also visit in USA many times.

- Harry Bennett -

The absolute top quality and best mens and ladies tailor in Hong Kong also offered tailoring services in the world!

- George -

Best quality Bespoke Tailor in Hong Kong and affordable price and also travelling tailor to many cities!

- Sunny Ejaz -

This is one of best tailor in Kowloon. They make suits in two days ,Suits and shirts detailing is awesome .I try other tailors in Kowloon but they never fit like Manhattan Tailor .Thanks Roger and his team .