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    The play of accessories with Manhattan Bespoke Custom Tailor: the coveted Hong Kong Tailors in Helsinki

    The final frills

    Going by the popular sayings and proverbs, best is always left for the last. The same case applies in the field of fashion; the final touches and play of style add the required dash of style, glamour and magnificence to the overall look and feel of the outfit. The diverse range of accessories from ties to cufflinks and button studs to cravats break the monotony with the pop of color and bling grabbing the most attention from the onlookers.

    We at Manhattan Bespoke Custom Tailor: the prominent Hong Kong Tailors in Finland and across the globe understand the dynamics of fashion quite well and make the bespoke outfit edgy and classy by adding the dash of handpicked accessories:

    Ties: They have been in fashion since the very start and are here to stay reinventing the wheel of style. We adorn bespoke suits with best collection of ties in shades like red, blue, pink, pastels and other blends in various materials like satin, silk and others breaking away the monotony of monochromes earning us the fame of best Hong Kong Tailors Visiting Finland. /b>.

    Cufflinks:: They add the tinge of bling getting adorned on the sleeves of the shirts. Going by the current trend, we procure big sized cufflinks making them easy to peep and get noticed at any corporate event, receptions and engagement parties.

    Pocket Squares: They are the modern version of handkerchiefs’ to be placed at the right hand side pocket of the suit, jacket or blazer in the shade contrasting to that of the outfit adding the required edge of style and splendour.

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