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Tuxedo Suits in Kowloon, Hong Kong | Custom Made Tuxedo

Cherish life's happy occasions with meticulous attention to detail, particularly in your attire selection. The groom's look is quite important for events like engagements and weddings. Nothing beats a custom tuxedo made to fit your specific size, style, and body language, even though different outfits like suits, blazers, or ethnic dress can offer appeal. As one of Hong Kong's premier tailors, Manhattan Bespoke Custom Tailor redefines style with products that are exceptional in terms of quality and elegance.


Our bespoke tuxedos, handcrafted and fully canvassed, bring back the old-world charm of Hollywood, ensuring impeccable fits. Piped detailing, two large chest pockets, and reinforced seams enhance durability. Personalized pockets add an authentic bespoke touch, reflecting our commitment to individualized service.


Adorned with a handpicked bow tie or slim black tie, our tailor-made tuxedos can be paired with waistcoats for added style and warmth. Our fashion team guides you on the choice between single or double-breasted styles, allowing freedom in selecting fabric, linings, color, front satin, and button style. All fabrics are sourced from top mills, and accessories like ties and bows are chosen to align with the latest trends.


Elevate your style on special occasions by getting a custom-made tuxedo from the best tailor in Kowloon, casting a stylish spell on your unique life events.


Get your custom made tuxedo from the best Hong Kong Tailor and cast your stylish spell on all the unique days of your life.