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For those special occasions that create lasting memories, unique outfits are essential to stand out with elegance and class. At Manhattan Bespoke Custom Tailor, recognized as the Best Custom Tailors in Hong Kong, our party wear and casual jackets redefine bespoke fashion. Our decade-long expertise in intricate designs and high-quality fabrics has made our jackets a favorite in Hong Kong and beyond.


Explore our in-vogue jacket styles:


Leather Jackets: Ideal for bike enthusiasts and contemporary fashion lovers, these jackets in tan brown and black complement well with white shirts and blue denims.


Velvet Jackets: Perfect for red carpet events or dinner dates, our velvet jackets in maroon, blue, green, and black add a touch of class to formal and casual attire.


Casual Jackets: Available in various prints, textures, and patterns like checkers, stripes, plain, birdseye, and herringbone, these jackets are suitable for office wear and other stylish occasions.


Crafted with precision, our jackets consider every detail of bespoke tailoring. Customers choose from a range of fabrics and lining options, and our designers provide guidance on lapel styles, button types, and accessories. From double-breasted to single-breasted, single button to three buttoned, our jackets cater to diverse preferences and occasions.


Our commitment to quality is evident in hand-sewn natural wool full chest canvas, ensuring comfort, durability, and proper hanging. Experience the art of bespoke tailoring with Reasonable Tailors in Hong Kong and tailor your jacket to perfection.