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We at Manhattan Bespoke Custom Tailor: the most sought after Tailor in Hong Kong have carved a niche for ourselves in the field of fashion industry since our inception in the year 2005 and since then there has been no looking back except the profound memories of our success that has won us a huge clientele in the city of Hong Kong and all across the globe. Blazers are tailor made in our house in a true bespoke manner providing the proper fits and styles to our customers who are the lovers of luxury fashion. The fabrics in various shades, textures, prints like vintage, stripes, checks, birdseye and herringbone are presented to the customer to pick from with due recommendations from our designers. Offbeat fabrics like velvet and corduroy looks very classy as finished blazers and have been one of the favorite fashion garments of our customers. The blazer is further adorned with accessories like badges, lapel pins, pocket squares and hanker chiefs to make it look more appealing and class apart.


Personality is defined by an individual's timeless style. A genuine gentleman makes an impression with his distinctive wardrobe choices. He exudes charisma and a great atmosphere. The classic blazer elevates every ensemble with its sophisticated touch.


Once a staple of the military, the blazer has become a fashion favourite. It adds a modern and laid-back vibe to formal attire, looking great with t-shirts, shirts, jeans, trousers and chinos. Its adaptability is enhanced by buttons made of metal or fibre, different styles, fabrics, and textures.


The blazer, which was formerly exclusively worn by soldiers, is now a popular item of clothing. It looks fantastic with t-shirts, shirts, jeans, trousers, and chinos. It gives formal wear a contemporary, laid-back vibe. Buttons made of fibre or metal, as well as various styles, fabrics, and textures, all contribute to its flexibility.


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