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Just like the cream doesn’t rise to the top and it has to work its way up, same goes for the line of fashion. Every minute detail needs to planned, decided and worked on with intricacy and utmost dedication so that the final outcome of the finished product is wowed and appreciated by one and all. As we always say and harp on that bespoke fashion requires considering lot more details of the customer unlike the normal and routine tailoring process and there is a lot more on the shoulders of the bespoke fashion designers and company as they have to take in to account the status and position of bespoke fashion and tailoring.


We at Manhattan Bespoke Custom Tailor: the premium Tailors in Hong Kong are not just endowed with bespoke as a middle name our brand but it means real business to us by working really hard on it day in and day out and the happiness and smiles on the faces of our customers stands testimony to the same. Apart from providing impeccable fits of the garment, excellence in customer service, selection of high end fabrics, regular market study and handcrafting the outfits as per the needs and requirements of the customers, we also need to take care of the final frills to adorn the final outfit with as the last touches grab the most of attention from the onlookers. And by final frills we mean the use of handpicked and choicest of accessories that break the monotony making it look edgy and classy:


Ties: Being the top notch Tailors in Hong Kong, we offer them in various fabrics like silk, satin, fine wool and amongst others and in various styles like skinny, slim and regular ties that help adding a pop of color to the entire outfit. It has been the most favorite and loved accessory since the longest time period and is also compulsory in some offices and corporate meetings.


Cufflinks: These diamond and gold studded accessories are to be worn in the place of normal buttons on the sleeves of the shirt. They look way too classy and appealing on a man’s personality with a touch of shine and bling. The shirt needs to be customized and tailor made accordingly if the customer opts for wearing cufflinks.


Scarves: This royal and vintage piece of accessory is not a choice of many as it mostly looks good with specific styles of suits and on men who are taller. Available in various bright colors, prints and sizes at our store, they bring back the old world fashion.


Pocket squares and Lapel pins: Pocket squares or porches in urban terms is a well designed handkerchief that compliments the outfit of your partner and also breaking the monotony of the suit as it is placed at the top left pocket of the jacket. Lapel pins acts like a brooch designed and fabricated in various shapes of famous monograms, flowers, etc and it to be attached on the right lapel of the jacket. Both these pieces are quite a rage in the market.


Elevate your bespoke suit with accessories from the best Bespoke Tailor in Hong Kong.