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The fashion industry, which is well-known for being dynamic, changes with every passing season, trend, and style. Many people love winter because it offers pleasant, chilly weather that is ideal for late-night talks, bonfire nights, and taking in the beauty of snowfall. Even in the winter, true fashionistas boost their style ante by dressing in ways that make a big statement against the cold.


Fashion items like shawls, leather coats, and sweaters are made from popular winter textiles like suede, fine wool, and leather that provide protection from inclement weather. These materials are used all over the world. Topcoats and overcoats are distinctive items that provide warmth against the elements while also enhancing a person's style and sense of elegance. Originally coming in a range of standard colours, these knee-length or longer jackets have now expanded to accommodate a wide range of styles, patterns, materials, prints, and designs for all genders.


Our luxury line of trench coats and topcoats at Manhattan Bespoke Custom Tailor, a Famous Alteration tailor in Hong Kong, adheres to the bespoke fashion guidelines from the very first stitch to the very last delivery. Based on their tastes, lifestyle, and exact body measurements, customers select the ideal style, design, fabric, and colour. Our style staff offers advice on how to look good, such as how to add fur or mix different materials for a contemporary look. For added convenience while venturing outside, the topcoat is designed with both hidden and exterior pockets. The fine tailoring details guarantee a perfect fit.


Serving consumers in Hong Kong and beyond, we have more than ten years of expertise in the business and have seen several seasons and fashion trends.


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