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    Like a true gentleman is a man of few words, his collection of fashion clothing in his wardrobe is not as extravagant as women. Apparently, men do not have many choices to adorn in terms of clothes and apparels. They are more known for their fetish of bikes, affluent cars, investments and money matters. But a man of class picks his fashion wear with the same spark and excitement the way he picks his latest edition of cars, perfumes and watches. Of late with the rage of fashion industry, there are quite many options available for men to wear plus the boost by media, social networking and online shopping options there are loads of fashion garments that are stylish in nature that help men to elevate their personality.

    Of many outfits for men like suits, shirts, blazers, jackets, casual wear, tuxedos and ethnic wear one such fashion garment that gives the vibe of both formal and casual wear or we can term it as semi- formal wear is Waistcoat. It is usually worn over a shirt and underneath the jacket and is always sleeveless in style and designing. It is commonly worn as a single breasted with two to three button placed between the waist and chest area and further adorned with pockets on the both sides. To give more comfort and a stylish edge, a belt is placed at the back for adjustments as per ones ease that also looks uber in appearance. As per ones fashion choices, some also opt for a double breasted waist coats depending on their lifestyle and occasion to be worn on. Apart from pairing it with a three piece suit, you can also wear it over a shirt and pair it with blue denims for a casual party and with trouser for setting the formal mood. With many design and style options available, there are many fabrics, textures and patterns available to pick from to design a waistcoat. Giving a modern twist, many go for fabrics like velvet and silk those have their own sheen and class. The collar and lapel style can be designed with offbeat fabrics and prints for a contemporary touch.

    We at Manhattan Bespoke Custom Tailor offer bespoke and totally custom made waistcoats that are handmade by the most capable masters and craftsmen. There is your high degree of involvement in the making of your waistcoat co- jointly with the team of our designers and masters. You are presented with wide variety of fabrics in different shades of colors to select from complimenting the color and style of your trousers, suit or shirt. The design of waistcoat is finalized considering the type of occasion, weather and your taste. You are then given the dates for your trail followed by the final delivery schedule. We are also on the forefront with the age of digital media, so now you can order and buy waistcoat online through our official website.

    Grab this golden opportunity and get your custom made waistcoat from the most famous Tailors in Hong Kong.

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