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    Life gifts us infinite moments to regale in the bright sunshine of happiness, joy and celebration. Such events get etched in our memories as they make us elated and our smile literally reaches from one ear to another. There is delight and bliss all around and in bounty. Such moments are to be cherished for life and we want everything to special. These moments are your special days like wedding, engagement or such occasions of your loved ones or bestie’s. Your wish everything to be unique taking care of every minute detail right from venue arrangements, cuisine, entertainment and very importantly your fashion outfits to elevate the splendor and magnificence of the event.

    Being a natural human tendency, apart from glory of ambience and allied details ones fashion outfits always bound to catch our attention. And the groom has to look nothing less than a true bonafide star in his appearance and style. There are many garments that can add the required edge and charm on your personality like suits, blazers or ethnic wear but nothing can be compared to a bespoke tuxedo that has been custom made suiting your style, body language and exact measurements. Those slim trousers, cherry lapel jackets and bow tie have its own classy aura.

    We at Manhattan Bespoke Custom Tailor: the premium Tailors in Hong Kong has been redefining the standards of style and fashion with our offerings that stand the test of quality and excellence of luxury fashion. The word bespoke is not just the middle name of our brand but it runs in the DNA of our company. Apart from being quite infamous for bespoke suits, we tailor made tuxedos providing impeccable fits bringing back the old world charm of Hollywood. This enhanced version of a suit is fully canvassed and hand crafted ensuring the top class fitting and style. All the custom made tuxedos from our house are properly lined with piping detail, two large chest pockets and all the seams are reinforced to provide maximum durability. To give the authentic feel of bespoke, the pockets carry your personalized name as a small gesture for our beloved customers.

    Your tuxedo is further adorned with the handpicked choice of bow tie or conventional slim black tie. You can also wear our tailor made waist coats underneath your tuxedo for a sturdier look and if the weather is more chilly and cold. As per the occasion, our fashion team suggests you to wear a single breasted or a double breasted tuxedo and you get the full freedom to select the fabric, linings, color, front satin and style of buttons of your favorite garment in recommendations by our designers. Your tuxedo gets a full justice of bespoke style and fashion as all our fabrics are procured from best of the mills and accessories like ties and bows are handpicked as per the latest trends.

    Get your custom made tuxedo from the best Hong Kong Tailor and cast your stylish spell on all the unique days of your life.

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