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    Fashion industry being the most dynamic, changes its facets with every new trend, style and season. Every new season we see so many new trends that are presented and followed by one and all. And everybody’s favorite is the winter season due to many reasons as the weather is very cool and cozy. Those long late night conversations over a hot cup of coffee with your friends and family, bonfire nights with your bestie’s, enjoying divine snowfall and celebrating the beauty of nature are one of the few sparkling and joyous moments to be enjoyed during winters. On the fashion front, the true and ardent lovers of style always put their best foot forward even during their most loved season by picking up fashion outfits that will make them look nothing less than a hot property in the chilly winters.

    The fabrics such as fine wool, leather and Swede are the most popular ones during winters and various fashion garments like shawls, leather jackets, sweaters, etc are adorned by people all around the world to protect them from harsh weather conditions. But one fashion piece that keeps the chilly weather completely at the bay soaring the temperature of your vibrant personality by earning you major points on the style meter is the Topcoat or Overcoat. They are usually long in length up to knee level or at times more and are worn over your staple outfits to protect you from cold. Initially, they used to come in standards colors like black, browns and blues as it was just a simple winter garment but now with the changing times and everyone being fashionably forward they come in various styles, patterns, materials, prints and designs from men and women.

    We at Manhattan Bespoke Custom Tailor: the high end Tailor in Hong Kong, present you with our premium collection of topcoats and trench coats that are made staying dedicated to the principals of bespoke fashion right from the first weave of thread to the final delivery. The customer is made to select the perfect style, design, fabric and color as per his taste, lifestyle and exact body measurements. Various style tips and options like addition of fur or blending of two or more fabrics for an edgy look are suggested to the customer by our fashion team. The topcoat is designed having required hidden and outside pockets to store all your valuables considering that it is worn outdoors to stay protected from the weather. The topcoat is provided with proper lining taking care of other important details of tailoring so that it fits you impeccably on shoulders, chest and rest of the body.

    Being in the industry since more than a decade, we have weathered many seasons, styles and trends of fashion presenting our customers with quality and authentic bespoke fashion outfits. Our age old expertise and knowledge have earned us customers from the city of Hong Kong and across borders.

    Order your bespoke Topcoat right now from the best Tailor in Hong Kong.

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