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    Best Tuxedo Shirt Tailor in Hong Kong

    The minimalistic concept of fashion is actually derived for the overall styling for men as less is always more for them and it is their chivalrous nature, charismatic persona, and the magnificent aura does all the talking amidst the varied color hues, sharp fits, and well textured fabrics. There is one specific outfit that is high on the minimalistic concept of fashion and makes a man look high in the glory of style and it is a tuxedo. And for the tuxedo to make a man look splendid and charming to the core requires the astute craftsmanship and a well tailored TUXEDO SHIRT that fits impeccably and is styled in the perfect manner.

    We at Manhattan Bespoke Custom Tailor: the Best Tuxedo Shirt Tailor in Hong Kong curates your one of the favorite garments using rich quality materials procured from the finest of Italian and European mills having an intrinsic luster and feel. With the usage of color palettes such as white, black, and blue depending on the shade of the tuxedo, the pattern styling of the shirt varies from the pleated style that works more for the formal occasions and the pique bib front giving more of a clean and urban look.

    Our selection of Tailored Tuxedo Shirts in Hong Kong is tailored using fabrics such as solid white twills and broadcloths with twills having a formal appeal to the entire look and feel of the garment whilst the broadcloths are on the modern and soft side of styling the outfit. The collar style of the shirt varies from the English spread, president spread and the wingtip collar pattern depending on the fashion preferences of the customer. The styling of shirt cuffs spread head from the French cuffs to the barrel ones for the customer to pick and choose from making us the ideal brand for the Tuxedo Shirts in Hong Kong. The play of accessories such as bow-ties, skinny ties, neckties, and cufflinks add the required edge of glamour and charisma.

    Get your tuxedo shirts now by walking to our store in the Kowloon area of Hong Kong or by accessing our official website www.hongkongmanhattantailor.com.

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