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    Life gives us many special occasions to rejoice and enjoy the levels of utmost happiness that fill our hearts with a lifetime memories that are remembered for years to come. Such special occasions require unique and special outfits that make us stand apart from the rest of crowd with their sheer elegance and class. For these events and functions, our staple outfits need a tinge of style and flavor of fashion to earn major on trend and vogue meter. Jackets for Men and Jackets for Women come in various styles and patterns giving you that vibe of fashion runaway model that keeps you trending on social networks and party circuit.

    We at Manhattan Bespoke Custom Tailor: the Best Custom Tailors in Hong Kong have been redefining the term bespoke fashion since more than a decade. Our party wear and casual collection of jackets have been on the hit list of our clients in the city of Hong Kong and across borders owning to play of intricate designs, rich quality fabrics and staying true to the art of bespoke tailoring. The jackets are designed as per the needs, taste and specifications of the customer as he is highly involved in the making of his garment. Being the coveted Tailors in Hong Kong, we present our assortment of jackets in numerous in vogue styles highlighted below:

    Leather Jackets: They are an ultimate fashion choice for bike lovers and our customers who like adorning contemporary style. The colors of tan brown and black look good being paired with white shirt and blue denims.

    Velvet Jackets: They are quite in vogue and make a best option for a classy red carpet party or dinner dates. Vast shades of maroon, blue, green and black compliments staple formals and denims as well.

    Casual Jackets: Available in many prints, textures and patterns like checkers, stripes, plain, birdseye and herringbone they make a perfect office wear and the stylish range looks good for many other functions also.

    The crafting of jackets is done with utmost care and precision taking care of all the minute details of bespoke fashion and tailoring. Apart from picking up range of fabrics, customers are also presented with the choice of lining to compliment the shade of the jacket and from various fabrics types like silk, satin, organza, etc. The customers are free to choose from collection of styles like double breasted, single breasted, single button, double button or three buttoned with the suggestions from our designers considering type of occasion, body language and lifestyle. Then the lapel styles from peaked lapels or notched lapels and the fabric to be used for lapel and accessories to adorn it with are shortlisted and thereby button holes, pocket style and button type is finalized. All our jackets include hand- sewn natural wool full chest canvas and not the glued ones maintaining the high quality standards for the comfort of our customers also enhancing the garment’s durability plus giving the garment enough body for proper hanging. Avail this opportunity to tailor made your bespoke jacket from the Reasonable Tailors in Hong Kong.

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